Fashion moment: Vintage

I always imagined that if I had the bank account and clout of a well-known celebrity, I’d want to wear vintage fashion as much as possible. It seems that Meghan Markle feels the same. Since February alone, the Duchess of Sussex has worn no less than three vintage coats, the most recent this past weekend at Lena Tindall’s christening. At that outing, she wore a 1950s Dior coat, a deep red with statement buttons. Last month, at the heavily-talked-about New York baby shower, Markle stepped out in a 1965 Courrèges coat and the first sighting was a 1960s wool coat in Bristol at the beginning of February. … More Fashion moment: Vintage

Family Fashions: Great-Great-Grandfather Sven’s Swedish Clog

· Family fashions that bear memories · For years, my sisters and I knew what we were getting for Christmas. No, not new sets of matching pajamas or something similar, something much more meaningful. Every year, in addition to stocking stuffers and a generous cash gift, my grandparents would also pass down a “heritage gift.”  Often themed so that we … More Family Fashions: Great-Great-Grandfather Sven’s Swedish Clog

A punt and a prep

· What to wear in Cambridge, England · Headed off for a sunny weekend getaway in Cambridge? Wondering what to wear in the ancient collegiate city? Never fear! Here we have everything you need to get your preppy Cambridge look started! The key to any English getaway is layers, so it’s always smart to plan … More A punt and a prep

RIXO Girls

• The LCF grads behind up-and-coming label RIXO London • A quiet, unassuming street in Fulham, West London. In amongst the red brick terraced houses is a brilliantly pastel purple house. “Our landlord was painting it and he asked us if there was a colour we wanted,” Orlagh McCloskey explains. “We said light lilac and … More RIXO Girls