Our Lady

· Mourning the Notre Dame fire in Paris · There are few events these days that garners the same response from everyone. In a hyper-polarized culture, there are often several interpretations of events and even tragedies rather than a collective response. When the 850 year old Notre Dame de Paris caught fire Monday night, we saw … More Our Lady

Traveling Companions

· The different types of travelers · Traveling can either bring out the best or the worst in people. With stress running high, sometimes we find that we aren’t compatible to travel with our best friends. This can be frustrating as everyone wants to get something out of their travels and sometimes that just doesn’t … More Traveling Companions

Couture Culture: A Study in Modern Art and Fashion

· A review of Nancy J. Troy’s 2003 book · Nancy J. Troy’s Couture Culture: A Study in Modern Art and Fashion examines early Parisian couturiers as they struggled to find a balance between artist and entrepreneur. Looking most closely at Paul Poiret, Couture Culture takes the reader on a journey from Charles Worth and … More Couture Culture: A Study in Modern Art and Fashion