The Lonely Dare

· Jean Nathan’s The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll: The Search for Dare Wright · In one of my favorite independent bookstores, the cover of a staff-suggested book recently caught my eye. There was something magnetic about it and I couldn’t resist taking a closer look, eschewing the age-old adage not to judge a book by … More The Lonely Dare

Why Fashion Matters

· A review of France Corner’s 2014 book · As a student of fashion theory, I got used to the sort of glazed-over look of someone brushing me off as vain or superficial. Fashion, and all that goes with it, has a certain reputation and connotation. But does it really deserve it? That’s the question … More Why Fashion Matters

Couture Culture: A Study in Modern Art and Fashion

· A review of Nancy J. Troy’s 2003 book · Nancy J. Troy’s Couture Culture: A Study in Modern Art and Fashion examines early Parisian couturiers as they struggled to find a balance between artist and entrepreneur. Looking most closely at Paul Poiret, Couture Culture takes the reader on a journey from Charles Worth and … More Couture Culture: A Study in Modern Art and Fashion