Karina in Jaffa, Israel

 · Fashion, history, and culture enthusiast. ·

Karina Reddy holds an MA in Fashion Communication from Central Saint Martins. She has also studied at Boston University and London College of Fashion. With an undergraduate degree in history, her research at Central Saint Martins explored how the body was fashioned in the 1920s. A self-proclaimed museum nerd, she has a keen interest in fashion museums and volunteered at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London. She has also worked at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Reddy-to-Wear showcases her writing on fashion, travel, and culture and has been featured on The Fashion Conversation. See more of Karina’s writing:

Fashion Studies Journal – The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined

HerCampus.com – Contributing Writer

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· What you can expect from Reddy-to-Wear ·

Reddy-to-Wear follows a one month cycle. There are 5 core articles each month, one a week for the first 3 weeks, then two in the last week. The first week features a culture-based travel article. The second week features a review of a book, exhibition or perhaps even a film or documentary, mostly within the fashion industry. The third week features a long-form article on fashion – often with a fashion history or theory basis. The last week features a city travel guide and a city style guide. Throughout the month, there are short Fashion Moments and Travel Tidbits to supplement the core articles.

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