Fashion Moment: Hair Bows

Like the headband, hair bows tend to oscillate in and out of fashion every few years. Just a small adornment, it has the ability to take a simple ponytail or braid to the next level. Today, we’re seeing bows everywhere on celebrities and the runway alike. So, we ask, what makes them so appealing?

First of all, hair bows are incredibly versatile. There are hundreds of styles and hundreds of ways to wear them. A bow can transform given the material it’s made of (silky, grosgrain, velvet), the color, the width, the length, the size of the bow itself, whether it has an embellishment… there is literally an option for every day of the year. Though perhaps there aren’t quite so many ways to wear it, there are still many: in a ponytail, in a half-pony, under a bun, two bows with pigtails, at the bottom of a braid, like a headband with the bow on full display. This is in no way exhaustive, showing just how versatile bows are.

It is such an easy way to elevate any drab day. How can one be upset when they have a perky bow in their hair? They conjure memories of schoolgirl days and the power of the bow extends beyond childhood. They make you feel put together and feminine, all with the little help of a scrap of fabric.

In recent months, we’ve seen many celebrities demonstrate its versatility and ability to transform a look. From Kate Middleton’s demure velvet bow to Lucy Boynton’s thin ribboned black one at the SAG Awards, each celebrity wears it differently, showing how the bow can look edgy or sweet, subtle or in-your-face. 

We can’t get enough of them.

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