Fashion Moment: Balenciaga’s Anne Boleyn Necklaces

oil on panel attributed to Anne Boleyn, held at the National Portrait Gallery: NPG668 [Public domain] via

Okay, so this may be our favorite fashion inspiration theory to date.

At Balenciaga’s AW19 show Sunday, the label debuted a necklace that featured a large “B” on a chain and Tatler is suggesting that it was inspired by the infamous pearl necklace worn by Anne Boleyn. It does look reminscent of the iconic choker featured in the only contemporary portrait of the doomed queen.

We’re suckers for a little historical inspiration and we love the Tudors, so even though the “B” almost certainly stands for Balenciaga, we like to think that Demna Gvasalia has a soft spot for the second wife of Henry VIII, too. While several looks featured the chain necklace – an appropriate homage to Boleyn as she was imprisoned by her own husband – other looks had large “B” earrings. We can see Anne sporting these as she loved a monogram and was said to bring French fashions to England.

Sorry Henry, but despite your efforts, Anne lives on.

Images via British Vogue

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