Winter at Wimpole

· Exploring a National Trust property in East Anglia ·

The United Kingdom is one of the most underrated countries. Like Ireland, it has rolling green hills, small mountains, rugged coastlines, and picturesque rivers. However, its beauty is often overlooked as tourists head to London and London only. While we are the last people to say anything bad about London, once you get out a little, you find beautiful countryside with friendly people and stunning stately homes. So many stately homes.

With this in mind, we’ve armed ourselves with a National Trust membership for the year. The first property we headed to was Wimpole Estate in East Anglia less than 9 miles from Cambridge. This extensive property boasts a working farm alongside the 17th-century mansion. This home was passed to various owners over the years but the last was arguably the most famous: Elsie Bambridge, The Jungle Book‘s Rudyard Kipling’s daughter.

While the house was closed except for the basement by guided tour, the estate itself still had so much to offer. See for yourself.

The rain forced us to head out prematurely but we’re looking forward to exploring this property more soon.

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