Dubliner Style

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Dublin, that fair city, is pretty low-key. Though a bustling capital city, the residents are friendly and down-to-earth. Situated on the coast, a cool breeze often bites through the city and there’s always the present danger of rain. On the small side, as well, you can expect to do quite a bit of walking. With all that in mind, the two things to remember while dressing for a day of exploring the Irish city are comfort and layers. Here, our best picks for the perfect Dubliner look.

The Jumper

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Via White Stuff

The first thing you probably think of when prompted with “Irish style” is a warm Aran jumper. Named for a group of islands off the west coast of Ireland, the thick cream jumpers have come to be strongly associated with the country as a whole. Though it may seem cliché to wear one in Dublin, they’ve become such a classic over the years, that you really can’t go wrong with one.

We love this oatmeal cardigan that may not be a true Aran but definitely has those vibes. The big wooden buttons add a touch of interest to the otherwise traditional look. But the real selling point? This already thick cardigan is lined with extra soft fleece. This is the perfect layer to keep you extra warm as you explore the coastal city.

The Dress

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To offset the slightly traditional look of the jumper, layer it over this modern black denim shift dress. Because of the high neck, the cardigan could be worn buttoned up or open, while the shape of the skirt and the slanted pockets ensure that you look completely up-to-date. Comfortable to walk in, it’s the perfect layer under the cardigan.

The Turtleneck

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Via & Other Stories

As we mentioned, especially in these winter months, layering is key. Pop this camel turtleneck on under the black dress so that when you take off the cardigan inside, you’re still warm and cosy. The camel colour complements the oatmeal of the cardigan while the black cuts the brown shades, creating a chic neutral combination that isn’t boring. Pair it with thick black tights and you’re good to go.

The Boots

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Via Fat Face

In order to really break up the browns and blacks, we like these olive-green Chelsea boots. Soft suede and a low heel, they’re the perfect boot for walking around the city. The green adds the otherwise neutral look a pop of colour, but the shade of green ensures it complements the camel and oatmeal properly

The Jacket

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Via Joules

Of course, no matter how warm the cardigan is, it probably won’t cut it and definitely not if it rains. This waterproof jacket is just the thing, then, to keep you warm and dry. Like the cardigan, it has the added benefit of being fleece-lined in the hood and body, so not only will it keep you dry, it’s extra warm. We like the corn-coloured one to maintain the neutral palette (and it reminds us of a rugged country trench coat), but there are also navy and purple options if you want to add a little more colour.

With the perfect sightseeing outfit ready, you’re all set to enjoy all the Guinness, pubs, and sights Dublin has to offer. Cheers!

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