Feeling Festive around the world

· The best of Christmas markets around the world · 

One of the best parts of traveling in November and December is all the Christmas markets you encounter around the world. The pop-up markets are often elaborate little villages with shops and decorations that put you in the holiday mood. Grab a mulled wine on one of those early winter nights and meander the stalls getting gift inspiration and bask in the Christmas cheer.

Big cities like London and New York even have several different markets throughout the city. In London, there’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland which has a section dedicated to a market while the Southbank market is always a hit. Head down the Thames and a winter village in the shadow of Tower Bridge. Headed to Leicester Square? Yup, they’ve got one there, too. New York’s Union Square and Bryant Park have European-style markets if you’re looking for one stateside. Check out some pictures of our favorite markets and find one near you!

Frankfurt, Germany via German Christmas Market Birmingham
A market stall in London via Time Out
Copenhagen via Conde Nast Traveler
Scandinavian Christmas in Stockholm via Kirker Holidays
Christmas Market in Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh’s Christmas market via Grassmarket Hotel
An Italian market in Genoa via Trip Hobo
Strasbourg, France via French Entree

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