For the Love of Coats

· An ode to beautiful outerwear ·

If you’re like me, you find a beautiful coat irresistible. I’m currently suffering as I left all of my nice winter coats behind when I moved to New York and opted for practicality bringing only a North Face that plays rain coat, snow coat, and cold coat all in one. Coats are such an important part of a wardrobe – in the winter months they indeed become the only thing from your wardrobe many people see. Of course, this is something that has not changed over time and coats often displayed the most beautiful designs of the times. Here we chronicle a sampling of 70 years of coat fashion from earlier this century.


1920s 1
A variety of styles via Pinterest
1920s 2
Fur and wrap coats were popular in the 1920s. Via Victoriana
1920s 3
Coats as seen in Vogue via Pinterest


1930s 1
1930s coat styles exuded glamour despite the Great Depression. Via Pinterest
1930s 2
Some more “everyday” styles via Pinterest
1930s 3
A spectrum of 1930s styles via Pinterest


1940s 1
You can see how the 1940s coat evolved from the decade previous here via Pinterest
1940s 2
Via Pinterest
1940s 3
Several different coat styles via Pinterest


1950s 1
These shapeless swing coats demonstrate Balenciaga’s influence in the ’50s via Vintage Dancer
1950s 2
Fifties coats exuded femininity. Via Fashion Era


Sixties outerwear style followed the trajectory of sixties fashion: from feminine to mod to hippie. These elegant styles have a mid-sixties mod feeling. Via Fashion Pictures
1960s 2
The height of Swinging London coats via Vintage Dancer
Janis Joplin in a hippie style coat via Dog Days


1970s 1
A seventies style via Pinterest
1970s 2
A few popular styles from the seventies via Pinterest


1980s 1
Of course 1980s coats had shoulder pads. Givenchy AW ’87/’88 via Pinterest
1980s 2
An elegant style from Princess Diana via Pinterest


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