Sartorially Scottish

· What to wear in Edinburgh, Scotland ·


In a place as magical as Edinburgh,  you’ll want to dress the part. Surprisingly, its home country has a strong sartorial presence, thanks to Harris Tweed and traditional tartans. The cold northern country makes sweaters and jackets both necessary and irresistible, and layers are essential.

While the instinct may be to pile on the tartan and tweed, it’s better to choose one subtle nod to the country. Tartan – or what we might refer to as plaid – has a deep history in Scotland. The different patterns and colours indicate the different Highland clans and have been a symbol of Scotland for years. It was even outlawed after the Jacobite Rebellion due to its association with the rebelling Scots. In recent years, Punks appropriated it for their own subversive uses and its popularity continues today.

The Scarf

Via Ebay

When you get to Edinburgh, head to one of the many places that offer tartan scarves and get an accessory that will both come in handy on chilly days and help you feel you look the part. But be discerning: find a place that feels authentic and not just touristy; feel the scarf and find one that’s soft and warm – be wary of the cheap, scratchy ones. Once you have the scarf, you can add it to any outfit without being too over the top.

The Sweater

Via J.Crew Factory

As mentioned, layers are key, and especially as we move quickly into autumn and winter, a good sweater – or jumper, as they say across the pond – is definitely a good option in Edinburgh. This Scottish city is fairly low-key and laid back, and this simple turtleneck sweater would fit right in. Opt for one of the more neutral colours – black, grey, or olive – that will go with anything.

The Jeans

Via J.Crew

Pair your turtleneck sweater with some simple black skinny jeans. Black jeans are essential in the British Isles and you’d be remiss not to have a pair packed in your bag for Scotland. Slightly more put together than denim jeans, paired with your sweater and scarf, you look polished, but not too much.

The Boots

Via H&M

Pair your black jeans with a pair of simple black ankle boots. They’ll be comfortable for walking but still look great, and may even keep your feet dry if it rains. Keeping the outfit all neutral and mostly black will help you fit in while allowing any scarf to match and add a pop of colour.

The Coat

Via Nordstrom

Rounding off the not-too-polished look is this navy toggle coat from Pendleton. A classic, it has a pulled together look, but the toggles bring it down a bit. Paired with your new tartan scarf with your black jeans peeking out underneath, it’s the perfect balance between town and country – just what’s needed in a Scottish city.

Whatever you wear, you won’t be disappointed. Dark neutrals will help you blend in with the inhabitants of Edinburgh and layers will keep you warm in the damp northern climate. But no matter what you’re wearing, you can’t help but be enchanted by Edinburgh!

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