Roamin’ Rome

· What to wear in Rome, Italy ·

Rome Style
Rome Street Style via Elle UK

Italy tends to be one of those places that foreigners stick out thanks to their attire. Visitors tend to embrace the warm Mediterranean climate by donning skin-baring and light colored clothes. Locals, on the other hand, tend to stick to black and cover themselves up even in the heat. Avoid calling attention to yourself as a tourist by choosing a dark, muted palette, more conservative choices, and most importantly, comfortable shoes.

With so much to do in Rome, the last thing you want to worry about is funny looks from locals. Avoid calling attention to yourself as a tourist by choosing a dark, muted palette, more conservative choices, and most importantly, comfortable shoes.

The Bag

Leather Craftsman
Leather Craftsman, or Il Laboratorio Pelletteria

All the Italian leather around Rome will be hard to resist, so wait to buy a bag once you’ve arrived. You’ll see rich leather goods everywhere in Rome, and you’ll want to bring one home, so set out on the first day to find a classic bag. Leather Craftsman on Vicolo dei Maroniti has the best ratings on Google Reviews, so it’s worth a trip for a beautifully finished souvenir.

The Sightseeing Dress

Rome DressKeeping to the neutrals Italians prefer, this H&M dress also hits on the upcoming polka dot trend. Light but with the shoulders covered, it doesn’t show so much skin that you’ll stick out but will keep you cool in the hot sun. You can’t go wrong with black and white in Italy and it’s not so casual that it’s sloppy.

The Shoes

SandalsLike all of the best holidays, comfortable shoes are key. An apropos choice but luckily a style that has been popular for the past few year, are leather sandals. Again, you may want to buy a pair of true Roman sandals in Rome, but these Steve Madden sandals are a nice option. With a small, stacked heel, there’s a bit of dressiness to them, but not so much that they won’t work on the cobblestone streets.

The Vatican Dress

Rome Vatican DressOne of the trickiest parts of Rome is the strict dress code for women at the Vatican. Shoulders and knees must be covered, but chances are you’ll be off for more sightseeing before or after your tour. This Loft midi dress is again light and airy but is conservative enough for the Sistine Chapel. The silhouette is very Roman Holiday and though it’s not black, the dark navy is muted enough to work but the yellow flowers give it a pop of color.

No matter what you wear, you’ll probably be too distracted by the beauty of Rome to care what anyone thinks. Remembering to stick to dark colors, keep covered up and wear comfortable shoes. Other than that, as long as you’ve got a gelato in your hand, you can’t go wrong. Buon viaggio!

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