Breezy style in the White City

· What to wear in Tel Aviv, Israel ·


Now that you know how to spend your days in Tel Aviv, it’s time to pack your bags. The thing to remember is that Tel Aviv is HOT. Especially in the summer months. So lightweight, flowing clothes are key. A slightly bohemian look goes far in the laid back city, but comfort is the most important thing. Pack these essentials and you’ll be good to go!

The Jewelry

To start planning your holiday style, look no further than local jewelry artist Michal Negrin. Negrin started selling her handmade designs at a Tel Aviv market in 1988 and has grown to international fame since. While she designs clothes and home décor now, her jewelry remains the centerpiece, featuring Swarovski crystals and beautiful designs. Whole wardrobes can be styled around the gorgeous pieces. Luckily, she even has a store in the airport so you can stop by before you even get your trip started.


These Jade 3 Flowers Earrings are the perfect place to start for your holiday style as they lend polish yet can be worn casually. The nice thing about Michal Negrin designs is they often come in several color schemes. We chose red for reasons that will make sense soon, but there are endless options for any outfit!

The Dress


As mentioned, Tel Aviv is hot, so this flowy, lightweight dress by Maggy London is perfect for a day sightseeing. The long skirt allows for the wind to catch it, providing a cool breeze on the beach. Lightweight fabric ensures you never get too hot, while the white and red goes perfectly with the earrings. The pattern is simple but will look perfectly in place in the White City.

The Shoes


You’ll probably do a lot of walking – what with all the markets to visit and all. Flat shoes are essential, then, and these white slide sandals from Topshop are both on trend, go perfectly with the dress and are comfy to boot. What more could you ask for?

The Bag


Sticking with the slightly boho theme, this Kate Spade bag is perfect for your trip. Not too big and not too small, it transitions from day to night while the patterned fabric goes well with the fabric of the dress you’re wearing. Meanwhile, the black and white color scheme ensures it will go with almost anything!

The Scarf

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 1.53.02 PM

This convertible scarf from Madewell works twofold. Throw it into your bag for a day trip to Jerusalem for the perfect cover for your shoulders with your dress. Alternatively, take it to the beach. It’s big enough to work as a sarong. Versatility at its best.

The Jumpsuit (for the night out)

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 1.56.23 PM

When you’re ready to hit Tel Aviv’s world famous nightlife, make a quick change. Keep your red earrings on, throw your hair up and pull on this jumpsuit from ASOS. The structured knot on the front lends drama while the culotte-style pants are perfectly on trend. Since it’s not too tightly form fitting, it’s still a cool option perfect for warm Tel Aviv nights.

The Heels (for the night out)


You’ll want a pair of heels to wear to dinner and out on the town, but chances are you’ll still walk quite a bit. These lace-up heels by Halogen look perfect with the jumpsuit but have a short, thick heel for more comfort. Grab your matching black bag, trade your dress for the jumpsuit and pull on these heels and you’ve quickly transformed, ready to hit the bars. L’chayim!

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