Fashion Moment: Blair Waldorf

In 2007, the CW gave us Gossip Girl and some of us still haven’t gotten over it. For over five years, we followed the drama, love lives and, of course, the fashion of those Upper East Siders. Some years were better than others, but the allure of Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf’s iconic styles was undeniable. While the girls of Gossip Girl all had distinct styles, Blair’s inspired a generation of preppy opulence.

Blair Waldorf
Blair’s iconic style throughout the years via Pinterest

While the first few seasons featured Blair in a trumped up uniform, it was her after-school looks that really made an impression. Bold, colorful and feminine, Blair favored printed dresses and heels fit for a princess. Power clashing was the name of her game. And she knew how to rock a good coat (or cape). While her style took a bit of a turn in the last seasons, that sweet spot between seasons 2 and 4 established a recognizable look for the Upper East Sider. Daring prints and layers of accessories ensured she never missed a beat.

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With such an iconic look, it’s not surprising that we still see Blair-esque styles popping up on the runway. She seems to have made a comeback this Resort season, especially. This black coat with a fur trim and lavish embellishment from Gucci would undoubtedly make it into her closet, while these Gucci tights and Mary Janes scream Blair. In fact, with headbands, colorful tights and beautiful, color-blocked coats, it seems like Blair was an unofficial muse of Alessandro Michele’s Resort 2018 collection. Meanwhile, Blair would’ve found somewhere to wear this flowy, flowery gown by one of her go-to labels, Oscar de la Renta. Surely this red one would have been a key player in a scene between her and Chuck Bass.

But the real standout Blair moments from the Resort collections? Carolina Herrera’s mostly-pink-and-blue collection, with its classically feminine look. While we could see Blair in anything from this collection, some looks stood out. The soft tulle of this gown‘s skirt lends femininity while the one shoulder and over-sized flowers provide just enough drama. This soft, casual frock would be perfect for some scheming all over New York. But our favorite Blair moment? This gorgeous traditional ball gown with delicate lavender flowers embellishing the pink bodice. Three words, eight letters. Say them and we’re yours, Carolina Herrera.

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