Why I Hate Taylor Swift

Recently a friend and I spotted a set of co-ords covered in a cat print at H&M. After agreeing they were definitely meant for Taylor Swift fans, I declared my contempt for the pop singer. To my surprise, Becca was offended, asking me how I could hate the much loved Tay-Tay. As beloved as she is, I just can’t see the ultra-talented, generous singer and songwriter everyone else does.

While I could go on about how annoying I find her songs, it’s Swift’s shameless self-promotion at the root of my scorn. She’s known for sending gifts to her fans and once helped out with one’s student loans. I have a hard time believing that it is not all a ploy for publicity. I mean, a check for $1,989 right after her 1989 album was released? And those Christmas gifts? We know about them because of a video Swift put together for the public. Sure, she’s generous, but it’s more of a self-serving generosity than anything.

I feel that every time I turn I’m seeing something about Swifty. Just like the Kardashians, I’m oversaturated with reports on her, but in Taylor’s case, I’m sick of seeing her lauded as a saint. With her reach, she could be making an impact through advocating a cause, but rather she’s just giving away some gifts every once in awhile.

And that’s why I’m not a fan: she could be using her vast reach to bring attention to real problems in our world, but instead she uses her generosity only to reflect back on herself. So I can’t bring myself to see the giving role model so many others see; instead, I see a self-serving, self-centred singer. (Although I can’t help but dancing to Shake It Off after a few drinks.)

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