Chasing Sunsets

· Appreciating sunsets around the world, across the years · No matter how many times we see one, we can’t help but wonder at the beauty of sunsets. Maybe it’s because they’re all a little different and maybe it’s because we’re not always guaranteed one. Maybe it’s watching the colors shift and change in the … More Chasing Sunsets

Dreaming with Dior

· Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams at the V&A · One can imagine that an exhibition on Christian Dior will serve up serious style and ladylike elegance. But one might not expect just exactly the immersive nature of an exhibition on Dior put on by the Musée de Arts Decoratifs and the Victoria and Albert … More Dreaming with Dior

Places of Fiction: Edward Rutherfurd’s London: The Novel

· Exploring the world through words · I know I’m not the first person to fall in love with London. The English city has been captivating people for over 2000 years and thanks to movies, TV shows, and books, there are some who fall in love with it without ever visiting. For those of us … More Places of Fiction: Edward Rutherfurd’s London: The Novel

Fashion Moment: Balenciaga’s Anne Boleyn Necklaces

Okay, so this may be our favorite fashion inspiration theory to date. At Balenciaga’s AW19 show Sunday, the label debuted a necklace that featured a large “B” on a chain and Tatler is suggesting that it was inspired by the infamous pearl necklace worn by Anne Boleyn. It does look reminscent of the iconic choker featured in the only contemporary portrait of the doomed queen. … More Fashion Moment: Balenciaga’s Anne Boleyn Necklaces

Hamming It Up

· Exploring a National Trust property in Richmond · Down the Thames from central London, lies the lovely suburb of Richmond. Originally founded by Henry VII, the suburb features picturesque Georgian townhomes, a bustling town, and a sprawling historic deer park. Easily reached by Tube, Overground, or train, the historic little town is well worth a visit. And just down the river … More Hamming It Up

Family Fashions: Great-Great-Grandfather Sven’s Swedish Clog

· Family fashions that bear memories · For years, my sisters and I knew what we were getting for Christmas. No, not new sets of matching pajamas or something similar, something much more meaningful. Every year, in addition to stocking stuffers and a generous cash gift, my grandparents would also pass down a “heritage gift.”  Often themed so that we … More Family Fashions: Great-Great-Grandfather Sven’s Swedish Clog